Apple Pie Candle

Apple Pie Candle


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Category: Jar Candles

Apple Pie

16oz Jar Candle

Our scented candles smell just like a hot apple pie cooling in an open window. Another smooth rich scented candle from Candles By Creation. Makes a great candle gift for anyone.



Scent: Apple Pie
Color: Ivory
Container: 16oz Glass Terraced Jar with Matching Lid
Wicks: 2 wicks









Apple Pie Fragrance jar candle poured fresh for you


     Poured Fresh For You After Your Order Is Placed - Ships within 3 business days.




Candles by Creation scented jar candles in 16oz glass terraced jars with matching lids contain 16 ounces of a special blend paraffin wax by weight. They incorporate a two wick system to give the container a full pool creating a excellent hot throw. The matching glass lids that accompany the jars are not only decorative but serve a special purpose to preserve the scent, locking in the freshness from the day they were poured.

  • Model: applepiejarcandle16oz
  • Manufactured by: Candles By Creation

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